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We provide our services, internationally and domestically,  to

private and commercial customers

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3D Modeling


to visualize concepts in 3D and in preparation for production

2D Drafting
Production Drawings, DXF Files, DWG files, Cam Files, Nesting…

2D and 3D Design


Aesthetics, Logos, Ads,,,

for digital and print media

Production Brokerage and Project Management


to bridge the gap between ideas and the creation of tangible products…

We are your organization’s eyes, ears, and voice when you can’t be.

What you want, how you want it!

We create products and designs based on your specifications. CAD programs aid us in creating our designs and we can help you transform the digital products into tangible products in just about any material or combination of.

If you are a foreign company, we can also help you produce your products and manage the production aspect of the project for your North American clients. This will help your company to be more competitive, increase profits while maintaining quality, and significantly decrease lead times.

Do you have clients on the other side of the Atlantic? We can help you produce your products and organize logistics in Europe!

If you want to build it yourself, we can provide you with drawings and a Bill of Materials, so all you have to do is follow the ‘instructions’ to build whatever you want. Measuring, counting, and calculating is where mistakes are made, the most time consuming, and the least fun part of the job… Let us help you!

Increase capacity through outsourcing to a U.S. based and veteran owned business

work based on your engineering, specifications, and/or designs

Designs by M9 commissioned by you