The Conception of M9, LLC (a.k.a. M9 Design)

I am a Texas native that has lived in Sweden with my family for almost a decade and a half. We decided to move back to the United States and began working on how we would prepare for such a large undertaking. If you have ever moved abroad, then you know that it can be quite the adventure and it takes extra planning and preparation.

We decided that I would purchase a business in order to secure our future in the USA, but it did not work out due to COVID-19 and the tightening restrictions. I had to act quickly  in order to secure our future financially. So, I decided to rely on my education and background. I started a business that I could be successful at, provide services that every single business on earth would need sooner or later, and could be executed via the internet if need be.

The business I am talking about just so happens to be the one you have navigated to and are reading about right now!

Welcome to M9 Design!

I sincerely hope you will place your trust in us, so we can help your business reach its objectives.

Business Concept

Why We Offer What We Offer

Remember that I said I decided to rely on my education and background? Here is the explanation…

I started working at a very early age doing everything from cleaning and lawn maintenance to silkscreen printing, fast food, and warehouse work.  At the age of 19, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in which I served for 8 years. These experiences gave me the work ethic, reliability, commitment, and integrity required to be successful in the real world.

Since then, I received a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering – International Business Engineering. The program’s intent was to include important elements of an MBA in order to provide all the knowledge required without having to continue schooling for an MBA. This is because the normal career path for an Industrial Engineer is to acquire an MBA in order to provide upward mobility in their career.

I continued college and received an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering – Logistics Management and then became a internationally certified welder.

My career path took me from being a welder and fabricator in the stainless steel and aluminum industry to becoming a drafter of 3D models and 2D drawings for the different stages of production. I then started and ran a successful business within the same industry. I also have worked for a couple of other companies where I had tremendous responsibility in everything from 3D modeling and 2D drafting to continuous improvement and was responsible for developing, growing, and running the entire North American market for a Swedish company.

These experiences has given me the technical knowledge and experience required for helping other companies in everything from 3D modeling, 2D drafting, design, and how to improve and optimize businesses.

What about you?

How We Can Help

Commercial Clients:

Our goal is to create partnerships, to grow a strong and diverse network, and to be an extra asset when your company needs extra support. The services we provide are directly correlated to this end.

Private Clients:

Many people have hobbies, want customized products, or like to build their own things. M9 Design can help. You give us your idea and dimensions and we can create what you need in order to turn your ideas into reality.

For example: we can make drawings with dimensions so you can just make the product yourself or we can help to get it produced for you. Take a look at our services  and let us know how we can help!